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AD:HD Episode 63 – Unremacadamized!

March 14, 2013


In this episode we discuss… Bulldog bandwagon Douchebag bullshitHugo Chavez and Buddy ChristGreen Fairy flies off,Marajuana Lamps used to grow grassThirsty Jail Bird and his MiB Edgar Suit, The Liquor hits Calypso pretty hard so he takes 20 minutes to announce Contest Winners and mumbles through the rest of the show! .38 TalesThe Gods must be crazyPastry PatsyTwo by Two, except for the Elephant “fuck that guy”Batman Nabs RobberHey Dunkin Donuts, Lemme Axe youse a questionWhat the bloody hell teacher ladyDyslexic Golfer gets a hole in one.

All Contest Winners, please contact us via or send Calypso a Facebook message with your address and contact info (he could just do it himself but he’s drunken bastard and wants you to work for your prizes)


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